Saturday, September 20, 2014

Marked by Cain

Reign of blows has washed away the corpse of Abel,
Cain is now the king in every Babel


His blood cries out from the ground, and our silence is deafening.  The noise of babel rises up in an attempt to obscure the calls for justice; and with it, the sound of gunfire and the ring of truncheons.

This has become the backdrop to the lives of this land; this resonates across the cities and towns with deadly echoes; this violence and murder plays in the daily soundtrack that accompanies us throughout these times of contention and fear.

We clamp our hands upon our ears, and sing ever louder to deaden the horrific bedlam we have composed, and hope that by ignoring the lamentations they will cease.  There can be no respite, however, no relief from the slaughter symphony program selected for performance; the chorus and musicians drone on as their hire demands.  The tune called, the piper paid in wages of brutality; the song remains the same.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fear, cowardice and race

The truth can't hurt you, it's just like the dark
It scares you witless
But in time you see things clear and stark
e. costello

Is fearing for one's life or safety a valid justification for the use of force against another individual?  Th assessment of the fear's validity and the appropriate response must  outweigh the power of dread and the convenience of cowardice, or tragedy will surely follow.

Fear is a primary and forceful motivator.  It can lead one through difficult and dangerous decisions;
pushing an individual beyond perceived boundaries and limitations,  The sheer power of fear, however, can also overwhelm conscious thought, and personal conscience; leading to destructive and self defeating behaviors.

Fear, in itself, is neither good nor evil, rather, it is one's mode of coping with this emotion that is either commendable or deplorable.  While most find some pleasurable excitement stimulating, unbridled and unmitigated fear is both deeply unpleasant, and detrimental to daily life.  Finding an effective strategy  to deal with the kinds of apprehension that populate social interaction is crucial; especially when it is being used by unscrupulous emotional manipulators.  For when cowardice infects fear, hate easily festers and quickly poisons its unhappy host.

Whereas fear often springs up spontaneously, marketable hatred must be carefully cultivated if it is to bear its bitter by-products.  Training someone to deny their responsibility in managing their fear requires both a pandering to pride and an appeal to ignorance.

First, comes the denial of the source of fear; it must be cloaked with a rationalization to hide its true nature.  Thus, the dread that surfaces when one views a face of a different hue arises from a supposed knowledge of the criminal and immoral nature of such individuals; not from a prejudice gleaned from years of superficial  media depictions of such groups as less than fully human.

With such willful ignorance fully embraced, hating easily becomes a moral obligation, rather than a personal indulgence; and empathy and compassion morph into deplorable vices.  To view people outside of such preconceived notions is seen as tantamount to the appeasement of evil; an inability to "face facts" concerning the "true nature" of the individuals in question.  Lacking the personal courage to objectively analyze one's own feelings and motives allows cowardice to dictate action, and vindictive and punitive measures take the form of reasonable responses.  Seeking to banish fear by wielding hate and violence leads inexorably to more fear; for without an understanding of the source of dread, its power only grows.

If one cannot face the truth about himself, the capacity for realistic evaluation of others diminishes.  A starting point for self awareness hinges upon recognizing unpleasant realities that exist within us; otherwise, the tendency to project these abhorred tendencies to others becomes a threat.
It is the face in the mirror that should inspire the greater fear; for ignorance of ourselves poses a danger immediate and destructive, and this can not be segregated away.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adrift in sea of uncertainty

Creating an unbalanced personality becomes much easier when one lacks the security of
stability.  The ever-changing flow of information and situations swells over the senses;
swamping sensibilities and causing one to flounder in the course of life.  The facts of any
given day can be the falsehoods of tomorrow; tempting one to cast out any fixed points of
reference in the navigation of personal progress.  The omnipresent here and now becomes
the sum total of existence, the guidance of unchanging values becomes nebulous and seemingly
irrelevant; and advancement itself takes on the properties of a phantom.  In striving for a
truth that remains simply consistent, one loses all perspective of the their current position,
and where to travel next.  Without any real perception of a channel to navigate; one floats
adrift on a sea of uncertainty.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Power, the love of; and/or the hatred within

If a person can be defined most aptly by the difference between what they love and what
they despise; the concept of power has delineated the personal parameters of the modern
age.  It has redefined the relationships humans experience with each other, and with them-
selves; and has been steady eroding the basis of moral  cohesion and stability.  Its ever-
encroaching debasement has overridden other values and beliefs until it has submerged
society under a mire of oblivion that obscures even the most basic principles of
empathy and compassion.  Without a clear understanding of what power means, and how
it warps those it encompasses; its destructive effects threatens every aspect of personal
and social development.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Making my lack of voice be heard

One of the worst things about my long term employment is the gradual dulling of my
thoughts and emotions.  The constant grind of incompetent management and ever
increasing demands for production make my work days feel like long sessions of abuse,
and find my days off diminishing my ability to perceive the situation.

The threat of economic instability rests on my throat like a knife; invoking fear and a
longing to escape that dread by dulling myself.  I have a propensity to slip into
patterns of destructive behavior rather than rouse my intellect and emotions, and rally
against those threats that imperil my everyday existence.  This behavior was learned
at a time when, in my helplessness, I found little distinction in any of the choices
offered me.

Unfortunately, this learned helplessness functions as my null setting, and without vigilance it overwhelms and neutralizes  constructive behaviors- such as writing.  In many respects, I
have made a great deal of progress- a job, a home, and a wonderful wife, but I still deal
with a social situation that seems hostile and negating.

I guess the need for self expression is more important than I realized.  Time to work at
being me.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Takers

As the recent election jarred the reactionaries into the awareness that their pontifications about the voting public were mired in fantasy, a frantic search for an acceptable rationalization began immediately.  Somehow, there had to be an reason that the unwashed masses had rejected the saintly and benevolent master Mitt.  Since it was obvious that no moral person could possibly resist the draw of the godly one, the answer must lie in the depravity embraced by those minions of the socialist order.  Thus, the meme of "takers" arose; the idea those who voted for Obama were simply parasites lusting for the sustenance of the "job creators" and therefore willing to vote for anyone promising to leech the lifeblood of the capitalist captains of industry.This "takers" designation is particularly odious to those who have suffered at the hands of the majority; to witness the elevation of exploitation to a virtue is both absurd and disgusting.

Yes, we have "taken"; taken the abuse and degradation from narrow minded and intolerant bigots.  We have taken the exploitation and discrimination of a greedy and short sighted business community that places material accumulation above all other considerations.  We have taken the humiliation and dehumanization meted out by religious groups in their fanatical devotion to moral superiority over interpersonal charity.  We have taken the neglect and marginalization from a populace that equates conformity with virtue; and individuality with contempt.  All this and more we have taken; doled out by those who take advantage of us while claiming to be acting in our best interests.

Thus, when we refuse to allow ourselves to be exploited; when we take a stand for honor, integrity and self determination; when we try to take back the lives of which we were wrongly robbed; the hue and cry rises that we are thieves, clamoring for that we have not earned.  Those who feel they have the right to rule condemn  the call for freedom, and insist they have earned the misappropriations with which they have absconded.  It is a wail consistent with their lack awareness and virtue, and its ever increasing desperation only underlines their want for candor and principle.

It is not to be taken lightly, but must be taken with more than a grain of salt.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Want of love, a want for power

There is no "I" in team, it is said, neither is there one in "blame".   Upon inspection, however, more than one can be found in "responsibility".  

Whenever a tragedy occurs, many people seek an explaination they can accept; some sort of reason to  mitigate the unease caused by the realization that death and devastation surround the lives of supposed order that we want to believe we have created.  Sometimes the most egregious incidents involve human activity; whereas the forces of nature are seen as often indiscriminate destroyers of life and limb, it is the devastation caused by the hands of people that are perceived as deliberate, and thus all the more horrific.

Therefore, the need to find an explanation for a brutal mass murder spree becomes even more urgent than for a hurricane or flood. We seek to somehow reassure ourselves  human carnage comes from an easily identifiable and separate evil, a sickening but distant malevolence of which we have no part.  Madness, a lack of faith, a lust for weaponry; when any single cause can be blamed for such a rampage, we allow ourselves release from responsibility and avoid the need to change our behavior. Deep down we may suspect that it takes any number of elements to combine into tragedy and horror; but complexity and multiple interacting factors make analysis difficult, and potentially fraught with hazards: such as the realization that one is passively complicit in the crime.

If our own needs becomes paramount, irrespective of all others, we run the risk of rending the fabric of community that binds our lives together.   We seek power for our own protection, and risk compromising the security of others; we design to promote our faith, and endanger the spirituality of our fellows; we rigidly define our sanity, and engender the alienation of those around us; our selfish preoccupations rob us of what we seek.

Any time we commit acts of immorality for our own benefit, we run the risk of spreading ruin about us;  our inability to empathize with others leads us to a lack of humanity.  When we treat our fellows like creatures, should it be any surprise if they fulfill our expectations by acting inhumanely?
Without the stabilizing influence of love and acceptance, what is there to prevent any person from destructive deeds except fear?

Finally, there may come a time when pain and despair override constraints of conscience and caution;  the power of control becomes paramount.  The need for mastery, however brief and horrific, overwhelms all other considerations and leads to depravity and carnage.  The lack of love creates a lust for power that denies humanity, and shreds society.   Uncaring selfishness leads us to a  ditch where the light of insight is too dim to comprehend the tragedy we have helped to spawn; and we are left stupefied by our own blindness.