Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Almost human

I am reminded of what my wife told me about our first correspondence; that her trepidation was mitigated by the fact that I didn’t ask about her anatomy. To me, such inquires would denote an objectification bordering on schizophrenic sadism; but from her accounts, it was the norm.

A lack of respect for another is indicative of contempt for one’s self; the notion that transpeople are unworthy of human compassion and love demonstrates the kind of depravity inherent in many individuals notions of a “normal” relationship.

My wife’s transsexuality enhances her natural attractiveness; it augments her beauty with a gentle, gorgeous empathy that I find irresistible. Would that the culture at large could forgo their beloved ignorance long enough to appreciate the beauty of personal integrity.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

cherished malice

Where anger is seen as strength, a sign of courage and power, hatred becomes a virtue most prized. The corrosive debasement of abhorrence corrupts one's personality, and the bitter rust of rancor weakens the moral foundation of ethical behavior.

The love with which contempt is lavished upon enemies speaks to the inversion of virtue into vice. The damnable traits of one's adversaries become a source of joy, in that they afford the opportunity to despise. Any turning of horror from the creation of self becomes cause for celebration; a momentary obscuring of the vile visage the mirror wears.

Rather than learn to love one's self and be forced to accept the less pristine reality; detesting the world for revealing the lack of perfection helps maintain the illusion of immaculate existence. As the gap between the inner and outer realm grows, is it any wonder that malice becomes ever more cherished?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


When defining the nature of desire, ignorance and emotional blindness play a distinctive role; but there are means by which such short sightedness may be overcome.

Understanding the elements which define our attraction to another is complex and fraught with difficulties; especially when they fall outside the bounds of convention. Most often when searching for a life partner, people use the customary parameters for guidance; regardless of their applicability.

When hearts yearn towards those who traverse the barriers of gender, different problems arise; both in self awareness and relational compatibility. What perversity rules the heart when it longs after an unknown; is it merely a lust toward the inhuman or a seeking of a kindred spirit? To search for the ambiguous may be a reflection of our own nebulous nature; an exploration of the facets that conventional society obscures.

When we strive to love, we embrace the elements outside our awareness, and move to expand the parameters of self that confine our consciousness. Accepting attraction to the unique compels us to look beyond lust, and temper base desire with a tenderness that cools the fevered heat of passion.

The danger lies in denial of our longing; a negation of what we truly feel by dampening our emotions into fetishes that debase ourselves and objectify those we might love. Only by embracing passion can we hope to create the compassion a beneficial relationship requires.