Friday, July 27, 2007

Hate of uncertainity=certainty of hate

Fear is a shared condition; necessary and productive in limited doses, but corrosive in large quantities. That in a life of increasing complexity we should seek to minimize dread- invoking uncertainty surprises few, however, the methods utilized for such ends may prove debilitating.

Denying others the right to self determination may prove useful in fixing one's beliefs in righteous ground, but such a planting ground of cement becomes sterile; unable to support growth. Without an openness to allow people to change themselves in the hopes of becoming more productive; stagnation and decay begin, subverting strength and solidarity.

The cost of stability derived from denunciation and dehumanization is a loss of love and respect; contempt stains the skins of all involved.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not this nor any other...

It's not just the fog that comes in on little cat feet, its the pitter patter of dread. I'm watching the light fade from my eyes, and I wonder at the break point- when the perception of loss is overcome by the loss of perception. Trust in objects and chemical reactions leads to objectification and a reaction to chemicals; the path of least resistance has lead to me without resistance to my least.

The craving for creature comforts creates a creature that derives comforts in craving, and lacks the ability to be comfortable. Between stimulation and sedation, asphyxiation and intoxication, obsession and stupefaction, the space for clarity and reflection has narrowed to the razor's width; not so much a place to stand as an edge to slice off any delusions of sensing sensibility. My mind has lost its perspective, leaving me adrift in the confusion of a sea of my own spawning.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Full groan

Not that I will ever reach maturity; juvenile paralysis seems to be much more my style. There's a deep resentment for the destruction of self that imposed itself upon the form and function I felt my own; a warping that continues to this moment.

A basic cowardice created from a want of security; a lack of courage concerning the value of my persona; I drag these destructive thorns through my flesh without hope of absolution or release. Full of pity for a pity full soul; too frightened by the thought of a higher hell to look for some lower heaven; the space I haunt holds all the shades of fear needed to color the spectacles of a quivering specter.

If there exists any life to live within such unhallowed hollows, it continues to elude; leaving me to the deadening spirits from without to within.