Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Takers

As the recent election jarred the reactionaries into the awareness that their pontifications about the voting public were mired in fantasy, a frantic search for an acceptable rationalization began immediately.  Somehow, there had to be an reason that the unwashed masses had rejected the saintly and benevolent master Mitt.  Since it was obvious that no moral person could possibly resist the draw of the godly one, the answer must lie in the depravity embraced by those minions of the socialist order.  Thus, the meme of "takers" arose; the idea those who voted for Obama were simply parasites lusting for the sustenance of the "job creators" and therefore willing to vote for anyone promising to leech the lifeblood of the capitalist captains of industry.This "takers" designation is particularly odious to those who have suffered at the hands of the majority; to witness the elevation of exploitation to a virtue is both absurd and disgusting.

Yes, we have "taken"; taken the abuse and degradation from narrow minded and intolerant bigots.  We have taken the exploitation and discrimination of a greedy and short sighted business community that places material accumulation above all other considerations.  We have taken the humiliation and dehumanization meted out by religious groups in their fanatical devotion to moral superiority over interpersonal charity.  We have taken the neglect and marginalization from a populace that equates conformity with virtue; and individuality with contempt.  All this and more we have taken; doled out by those who take advantage of us while claiming to be acting in our best interests.

Thus, when we refuse to allow ourselves to be exploited; when we take a stand for honor, integrity and self determination; when we try to take back the lives of which we were wrongly robbed; the hue and cry rises that we are thieves, clamoring for that we have not earned.  Those who feel they have the right to rule condemn  the call for freedom, and insist they have earned the misappropriations with which they have absconded.  It is a wail consistent with their lack awareness and virtue, and its ever increasing desperation only underlines their want for candor and principle.

It is not to be taken lightly, but must be taken with more than a grain of salt.