Saturday, December 29, 2007

insignificant others

In much the same fashion with which the society at large diminishes, demonizes and dismisses the gender variant community, the predominant elements of the genderqueer populace deride those outside the boundaries of comfortable delineation.

Transpeople and those with whom they bond fracture the framework of gay and straight; and the splintering leaves slivers of animosity lodged underneath the skin of those framing the rigid castes of gender.

For those whose lives are invested in the proposition that gender is an immutable manifestation of self, the concept of fluidity may seem threatening; an undermining of the foundations of identity. While biological differences are indisputable, the relationship of physiological distinctions to social asymmetry is neither clear cut, nor without mitigating factors.

Society has fashioned roles based upon the supposed flesh dichotomy; and many have mistaken those constructions for elemental forms of the human condition. True, there is comfort in the belief that gender is preordained, and thus beyond our ability to effectively alter; but our lives demonstrate changing roles- from infant, to child, to adult- and these shifting behavior patterns are accepted as normal. Why then should the adoption of another form of conduct be judged impossible and offensive?

To diminish the validity of another's identity to shore up one's own smacks of definition by negation; it demonstrates a lack of self- understanding, and an empathetic ignorance of others. To link individuals or groups to undesirable attributes, and by disassociation from them claim personal virtue-this is neither logical nor prudent; it merely exhibits a lack of clear values by hoping to pander to common fear and revulsion. Morality comes not from a lack of vice, or a deficit of malignancy; it is derived from acts of charity and compassion, behaviors that demand personal risk and loss in pursuit of uncertain and nebulous gain. One can not build an ethical identity upon the razed ruins of another's respect, there must be a delineation of personal principles and a list resources allocated to raise such a foundation.

The unwillingness to sacrifice others to found ones' self, especially in a culture fond of cannibalizing what it considers outsiders, remains one of the greatest challenges for the gender variant to master. Hopes for a constructive, inclusive society however, depend on mastering such skills, and extending a gracious benevolence towards those fixated upon destroying people who fall beyond the pale of fearful cowardice they have erected within their own minds.

Without an appreciation of the mental and moral shackles that bind the craven to their destructive bigotry, and a willingness to perceive and acknowledge those failings within our own lives, we insure the creation of insignificant others, especially ourselves.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Addled essence

Contorting the transition from child to adult, intoxicants prevent humans from becoming their essential selves, leaving instead a muddled shell of exploitable potential. Whenever heartfelt passions are deemed inappropriate, and their expression results in abuse and censure, the inclination towards suppression leaves one especially vulnerable to the emotional distance afforded by inebriation.

Outward displays of affection and empathy violate one of the supposed virtues of adulthood; the impartial, detached appraisal of interpersonal relations deemed vital to the rites and rituals of acquisition. Worse still, if one exhibits emotional attributes regarded as incongruent with an assigned role; the rendered judgment often implies not mere immaturity, but a deviant depravity.

The castigation that accompanies these perceived infractions of social convention may be exceptionally damaging when applied to adolescents; in striving to refashion their identity, the tenuous foundation of self worth leaves an acute vulnerability to criticism. Overwhelmed by the cascade of new responsibilities and obligations, besieged by alterations of form and physiology, battling internal and external conflicts; the need for an expeditious resolution to such troubles bears down with excruciation force. Thus, the temptation of chemical desensitization coupled with the economic incentive inherent in suppling such emotional obscuration lead many to the realm of synthetic negation.

Here, obliviating pain and contention denotes maturity; transitory annihilation of unique attributes and viewpoints serves the public welfare. The bogus comradery assumed by a shared burden of intoxication, coupled with the repression of genuine sentiment, lead to spurious conformity; baseless and debasing. Fleeting moments of fellowship couple with unremitting self reproach; feigned kinship dissolves into isolated contempt, furthering the schism between public and private self.

The void created by a desecrated spirit tears into the fabric of being, demanding ever larger amounts of dissolution to cloak the cavernous interior. When the hole has become more than the sum of its parts, the person implodes; suicide- intentional or by default. Standing at the edge of the chasm, spectators and specters mumble about incomprehensibilities behind their veils of imperceptibility.

Another muddled soul; the mystery invokes the customary denouncements that blinker the public from self reflection and culpability.

Another muddled soul, the prey of poison on an addled essence.

Pallid drone

Draining the individual life force from humans remain a primary concern of all gainful employment. By reducing a thinking, feeling, caring person into a drone who merely reacts to the given stimulus, a creature is created which has great value for the means of production.

The difficulty lies in the degree of dehumanization which will prove most beneficial to the demands of enterprise, and means by which it is to be achieved.

Certainly, the simple reduction of self worth remains one of the most useful tools for any situation. Destabilization of personal affirmation allows the creation of a gaping void, one that demands to be filled by outside forces. Thus, the individual finds itself beholden to outside powers for validation, and therefore unable to resist the guiding hands of manipulation.

Materialistic society at large furnishes much of this insecurity by way of consumption driven culture; an adroit profiteering of such insecurity entails linking self esteem to income production, especially at the individual's expense. The more efficiently the employee engages in their own exploitation, the "better" they are proclaimed to be. The epitome of this relationship occurs when the worker literally deconstructs themselves in a futile attempt to gain validation. Their families, spirituality, and outside interests all are to be discarded in the pursuit of affirmation; leaving them ever more unstable, and dependent on the approval of their economic masters.

Thus, the striving forwards leaves them backward, and their backwardness leaves them no way forward. Drained of life by work, and of work by life, they are running back to an emptiness in either direction.

Selective inattention

Growing up in a society burdened with incessant hawking makes protective ignorance an invaluable skill. The constant drone of the advertiser's demands wears thin the coat of kind attention, and demands instead a thicker cloak to shield the mind from scrabbling greed.

Ignorance thus becomes a cherished friend, a protective patron to dim the clamoring hordes demanding attendance on their petitions for time and money. One learns to circumvent the ever more insistent cries with an polished indifference that shines; battle hardened and nearly impenetrable to the daily onslaught.

Such armor comes at a price, however. The insulative properties isolate not only the malevolent but the deserving as well. One equates empathy with vulnerability, and vulnerability with weakness; thus measuring strength as the impregnability to the emotions and concerns of others. Eyes watch, ears hear, but neither perceives the import of the input, thus reducing sensory perception to unimportant static, irrelevant data that may be summarily discarded.

The same indifferent ignorance soon overwhelms one's own self; disregarding the soul's entreaties for human sustenance by squandering attention on trivial diversions. Growing the void with meticulous apathy, a headful of hollow becomes the goal rather than the byproduct one's life; leading the intentionally unwary beyond the pale of morality and humanity.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What you want

What you want is not what you want; or more precisely, what you desire is not what you require.

It is much harder to manipulate the satisfied person; as long as the perception remains that needs are not met, there is room for outside domination. Thus, one basis for interpersonal control rests upon the perception of internalized inadequacies; convince an individual that their qualities are insufficient for humanity and the fear of destruction can drive them to desperation, grasping at any supposed "cure" for their monstrous condition.

Cultivating the dearth of confidence needs to be coupled with the disdain for diversity; when only the proclaimed perfect are allotted the right to exist without derision and damage, the penalties for any deviation become accepted as just and desirable.

People embrace the pleasure of dismembering the defective, equating it with the privilege of dismantling the inanimate possessions that inhabit the lives of the acolytes of materialism. Things are made to be broken and discarded when they cease to suit the whims of the owner; and the humans that fall short of the social standards of sufficiency transmute into objects of reproach, whose proper place becomes the rubbish bin.

Such a terrifying fate leads many to allow any form of control, any contortion of self that prevents the devolution from human into manikin; allegiance to whomsoever promises protection from the ravages imposed upon the designated failures of humanity. Seeking security leads to the adoption of a more deadly peril; an identity divorced from reality, a continuous refashioning of self to suit the capricious demands doled out by the consumptive culture.

The pleasure of rending others replaces the joy of being one's self; the lack of said joy reduces individuals to automatons devoid of the ability to informed consent. Desire has destroyed what one requires.