Monday, September 22, 2008

owed to joy

This is the land of debt, where the deficit of one's worth creates the sum of existence. The failure of capital to finance realistic self esteem leads to a flow of red ink washing any person caught in its wake to the gutter. For this then, praise sought and found by a lack of assets, compounds daily without interest in the principles of values. Give thanks for the shortfalls; in the long run, this gross is the only product equaling ecstasy.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

lgbt community

At best, we are more than the bearers of a common burden; we are united by wisdom and love born from a suffering of self.

The recognition that gender roles can not encompass the totality of our lives, and the fact that these tools of social structure have been used to try and chisel away those portions of personality deemed unsuitable to the community, have left us scarred but cognizant of the confines that limit the less aware.

The task before us lies in accepting the totality of ourselves and others, while teaching the balance of liberty and responsibility; we seek not to destroy those who would harm us, but to obliterate the ignorance that fuels their hatred.

This is not just a question of sex or gender; of intimacy, ecstasy, or indifference; of solidarity or isolation; it is a exploration of the equilibrium between society and self, and we have been made stewards of the standard most feared.

What unites us is not the pain, but its transcendence through wisdom; not common enemies but uncommon courage; not being despised but loving despite it. For many, the unwanted onus of self actualization in the glare of public eye would not be our first choice, but it is a responsibility we can be proud to bear.

We are the cast out stones that seek to build bridges with those who would discard us; and in doing so create foundation for a society built on strength rather than weakness. What binds us, in the end, are our virtues; not an adversary's vices.

If we can recognize and accept our variations as the individual decoration of the shared neighbor of values, we can live and work together in a community of inclusion and acceptance; thus inspiring others to leave the slums of unenlightened intolerance.