Saturday, December 29, 2007

insignificant others

In much the same fashion with which the society at large diminishes, demonizes and dismisses the gender variant community, the predominant elements of the genderqueer populace deride those outside the boundaries of comfortable delineation.

Transpeople and those with whom they bond fracture the framework of gay and straight; and the splintering leaves slivers of animosity lodged underneath the skin of those framing the rigid castes of gender.

For those whose lives are invested in the proposition that gender is an immutable manifestation of self, the concept of fluidity may seem threatening; an undermining of the foundations of identity. While biological differences are indisputable, the relationship of physiological distinctions to social asymmetry is neither clear cut, nor without mitigating factors.

Society has fashioned roles based upon the supposed flesh dichotomy; and many have mistaken those constructions for elemental forms of the human condition. True, there is comfort in the belief that gender is preordained, and thus beyond our ability to effectively alter; but our lives demonstrate changing roles- from infant, to child, to adult- and these shifting behavior patterns are accepted as normal. Why then should the adoption of another form of conduct be judged impossible and offensive?

To diminish the validity of another's identity to shore up one's own smacks of definition by negation; it demonstrates a lack of self- understanding, and an empathetic ignorance of others. To link individuals or groups to undesirable attributes, and by disassociation from them claim personal virtue-this is neither logical nor prudent; it merely exhibits a lack of clear values by hoping to pander to common fear and revulsion. Morality comes not from a lack of vice, or a deficit of malignancy; it is derived from acts of charity and compassion, behaviors that demand personal risk and loss in pursuit of uncertain and nebulous gain. One can not build an ethical identity upon the razed ruins of another's respect, there must be a delineation of personal principles and a list resources allocated to raise such a foundation.

The unwillingness to sacrifice others to found ones' self, especially in a culture fond of cannibalizing what it considers outsiders, remains one of the greatest challenges for the gender variant to master. Hopes for a constructive, inclusive society however, depend on mastering such skills, and extending a gracious benevolence towards those fixated upon destroying people who fall beyond the pale of fearful cowardice they have erected within their own minds.

Without an appreciation of the mental and moral shackles that bind the craven to their destructive bigotry, and a willingness to perceive and acknowledge those failings within our own lives, we insure the creation of insignificant others, especially ourselves.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Addled essence

Contorting the transition from child to adult, intoxicants prevent humans from becoming their essential selves, leaving instead a muddled shell of exploitable potential. Whenever heartfelt passions are deemed inappropriate, and their expression results in abuse and censure, the inclination towards suppression leaves one especially vulnerable to the emotional distance afforded by inebriation.

Outward displays of affection and empathy violate one of the supposed virtues of adulthood; the impartial, detached appraisal of interpersonal relations deemed vital to the rites and rituals of acquisition. Worse still, if one exhibits emotional attributes regarded as incongruent with an assigned role; the rendered judgment often implies not mere immaturity, but a deviant depravity.

The castigation that accompanies these perceived infractions of social convention may be exceptionally damaging when applied to adolescents; in striving to refashion their identity, the tenuous foundation of self worth leaves an acute vulnerability to criticism. Overwhelmed by the cascade of new responsibilities and obligations, besieged by alterations of form and physiology, battling internal and external conflicts; the need for an expeditious resolution to such troubles bears down with excruciation force. Thus, the temptation of chemical desensitization coupled with the economic incentive inherent in suppling such emotional obscuration lead many to the realm of synthetic negation.

Here, obliviating pain and contention denotes maturity; transitory annihilation of unique attributes and viewpoints serves the public welfare. The bogus comradery assumed by a shared burden of intoxication, coupled with the repression of genuine sentiment, lead to spurious conformity; baseless and debasing. Fleeting moments of fellowship couple with unremitting self reproach; feigned kinship dissolves into isolated contempt, furthering the schism between public and private self.

The void created by a desecrated spirit tears into the fabric of being, demanding ever larger amounts of dissolution to cloak the cavernous interior. When the hole has become more than the sum of its parts, the person implodes; suicide- intentional or by default. Standing at the edge of the chasm, spectators and specters mumble about incomprehensibilities behind their veils of imperceptibility.

Another muddled soul; the mystery invokes the customary denouncements that blinker the public from self reflection and culpability.

Another muddled soul, the prey of poison on an addled essence.

Pallid drone

Draining the individual life force from humans remain a primary concern of all gainful employment. By reducing a thinking, feeling, caring person into a drone who merely reacts to the given stimulus, a creature is created which has great value for the means of production.

The difficulty lies in the degree of dehumanization which will prove most beneficial to the demands of enterprise, and means by which it is to be achieved.

Certainly, the simple reduction of self worth remains one of the most useful tools for any situation. Destabilization of personal affirmation allows the creation of a gaping void, one that demands to be filled by outside forces. Thus, the individual finds itself beholden to outside powers for validation, and therefore unable to resist the guiding hands of manipulation.

Materialistic society at large furnishes much of this insecurity by way of consumption driven culture; an adroit profiteering of such insecurity entails linking self esteem to income production, especially at the individual's expense. The more efficiently the employee engages in their own exploitation, the "better" they are proclaimed to be. The epitome of this relationship occurs when the worker literally deconstructs themselves in a futile attempt to gain validation. Their families, spirituality, and outside interests all are to be discarded in the pursuit of affirmation; leaving them ever more unstable, and dependent on the approval of their economic masters.

Thus, the striving forwards leaves them backward, and their backwardness leaves them no way forward. Drained of life by work, and of work by life, they are running back to an emptiness in either direction.

Selective inattention

Growing up in a society burdened with incessant hawking makes protective ignorance an invaluable skill. The constant drone of the advertiser's demands wears thin the coat of kind attention, and demands instead a thicker cloak to shield the mind from scrabbling greed.

Ignorance thus becomes a cherished friend, a protective patron to dim the clamoring hordes demanding attendance on their petitions for time and money. One learns to circumvent the ever more insistent cries with an polished indifference that shines; battle hardened and nearly impenetrable to the daily onslaught.

Such armor comes at a price, however. The insulative properties isolate not only the malevolent but the deserving as well. One equates empathy with vulnerability, and vulnerability with weakness; thus measuring strength as the impregnability to the emotions and concerns of others. Eyes watch, ears hear, but neither perceives the import of the input, thus reducing sensory perception to unimportant static, irrelevant data that may be summarily discarded.

The same indifferent ignorance soon overwhelms one's own self; disregarding the soul's entreaties for human sustenance by squandering attention on trivial diversions. Growing the void with meticulous apathy, a headful of hollow becomes the goal rather than the byproduct one's life; leading the intentionally unwary beyond the pale of morality and humanity.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What you want

What you want is not what you want; or more precisely, what you desire is not what you require.

It is much harder to manipulate the satisfied person; as long as the perception remains that needs are not met, there is room for outside domination. Thus, one basis for interpersonal control rests upon the perception of internalized inadequacies; convince an individual that their qualities are insufficient for humanity and the fear of destruction can drive them to desperation, grasping at any supposed "cure" for their monstrous condition.

Cultivating the dearth of confidence needs to be coupled with the disdain for diversity; when only the proclaimed perfect are allotted the right to exist without derision and damage, the penalties for any deviation become accepted as just and desirable.

People embrace the pleasure of dismembering the defective, equating it with the privilege of dismantling the inanimate possessions that inhabit the lives of the acolytes of materialism. Things are made to be broken and discarded when they cease to suit the whims of the owner; and the humans that fall short of the social standards of sufficiency transmute into objects of reproach, whose proper place becomes the rubbish bin.

Such a terrifying fate leads many to allow any form of control, any contortion of self that prevents the devolution from human into manikin; allegiance to whomsoever promises protection from the ravages imposed upon the designated failures of humanity. Seeking security leads to the adoption of a more deadly peril; an identity divorced from reality, a continuous refashioning of self to suit the capricious demands doled out by the consumptive culture.

The pleasure of rending others replaces the joy of being one's self; the lack of said joy reduces individuals to automatons devoid of the ability to informed consent. Desire has destroyed what one requires.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fear and cowardice

Fear is not the problem, the problem is cowardice.

Reason provides the tools to allow one to acknowledge the unknowable. It can be conceptualized, but not experienced, and its unfathomable nature defies the reach of reason.

What reason cannot grasp inspires emotion; the imperceptible evokes uneasiness. That which dwells in the darkness of ignorance threatens the serenity of the world view; that which lies beyond illumination menaces the ramshackle foundation of mind.

For many, the world is a fear fulled place.When one's understanding is limited, uncertainty looms within the shadow of every tower of ignorance. In such dismal gloom, the flame of hatred brings comfort; warming fear chilled innards, but providing scant light with such heat.

When seeking to deprive another of such comfort without offering suitable replacements, the reaction is often anger. Hatred becomes seen as a right, not a privilege; and thus coveted with fierce intensity. Anyone that would deny this emotion becomes the enemy- and becomes subject to whatever violence seems suitable.

To look beyond fear, to see it as normal and human; rather than a fatal weakness, lessens the grip of dread, and allows other options besides hatred to be seen as acceptable. Inflicting pain upon others to mitigate terror speaks of contempt and cowardice; not courage.

Accepting the limits of both reason and knowledge afford a more realistic view of the unknown, and a way to face it without harming others.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Faith trumps pride

Anger arise when an image owned is associated with people hated.

It is not the messiah who is debased; blasphemy harms the perpetrator , not the divine.

When the materialistic find their property linked to unwanted associations, it becomes a personal affront; fear couples with cowardice, yielding hate.

Flesh made wo/man

Self determination is a laudable goal- so long as it doesn't extend to the boundaries of gender roles.

The social structure is comprised of many roles based on anatomical differences - boy, girl, man woman, father, mother, etc- but in a world where uncertainty threatens many a psyche, immutable boundaries have become a placebo for accurate and descriptive terms of individuality.

Society trumps biology in human society- the species spreads across the globe into environments lethal to the individual through the use of group cooperation, rather than genetic changes. To ignore this reality, and instead demand that physiological attributes are the sole determination for one's societal role not only degrades the individual, but the culture as well.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My reality becomes yours

What is power? On the interpersonal level, it is the imposition of one world view over another. In society, the shared reality dictates actions, behaviors, values and beliefs; but if the collective vision derives its structure from a conglomeration of individual perceptions, which will rule?

Is it force of will, or the proximity to truth that determines the adoption of a particular perspective? Viability or verisimilitude? Does the mindset that serves today lead to an increased probability for survival, or convey the human caravan to a cul-de-sac? The propensity for personal expediency to exploit public opinion is acknowledged by most, but will truth out in the final analysis? Are some delusions so palatable that they supersede rational thought and objective observation? Will the derived comfort of deception prove great enough to dull the sense of survival, and dictate demise?

Surrendering one's self hood to the demands of societal commandments becomes a delicate balancing act; too little, and one is denied the benefits inherent in cohesive group actions; too much, and one is denied the self which seeks enrichment.

It is the use of force to make one's will manifest in all that poses the true moral dilemma. Doing with might under the pretext of doing right entices, but corrupts; to cower or coerce others into conformity negates the virtue sought by such adherence.

When I make my reality yours, it becomes something less than becoming- you become less.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Girls, what are they good for?

This oft repeated phrase from the lead mechanic at work is meant to convey a sense of fear and anger at gender variation and femininity in general. He hopes for an answer that will confirm my allegiance to the cult of men, but my unwillingness to conform remains a puzzling sore spot for him to ponder.

It's all in the game of gender play, the roles produce stilled scripts that seem unsuitable to individuals, but pretense insists that these learned behaviors are biologically predetermined.

Swish one day, swagger the next; these are the two sides of the same coin that most people refuse to flip over. What kind of security does self destruction provide? At least the decimation seems consistent; better the hell you know.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hate of uncertainity=certainty of hate

Fear is a shared condition; necessary and productive in limited doses, but corrosive in large quantities. That in a life of increasing complexity we should seek to minimize dread- invoking uncertainty surprises few, however, the methods utilized for such ends may prove debilitating.

Denying others the right to self determination may prove useful in fixing one's beliefs in righteous ground, but such a planting ground of cement becomes sterile; unable to support growth. Without an openness to allow people to change themselves in the hopes of becoming more productive; stagnation and decay begin, subverting strength and solidarity.

The cost of stability derived from denunciation and dehumanization is a loss of love and respect; contempt stains the skins of all involved.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not this nor any other...

It's not just the fog that comes in on little cat feet, its the pitter patter of dread. I'm watching the light fade from my eyes, and I wonder at the break point- when the perception of loss is overcome by the loss of perception. Trust in objects and chemical reactions leads to objectification and a reaction to chemicals; the path of least resistance has lead to me without resistance to my least.

The craving for creature comforts creates a creature that derives comforts in craving, and lacks the ability to be comfortable. Between stimulation and sedation, asphyxiation and intoxication, obsession and stupefaction, the space for clarity and reflection has narrowed to the razor's width; not so much a place to stand as an edge to slice off any delusions of sensing sensibility. My mind has lost its perspective, leaving me adrift in the confusion of a sea of my own spawning.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Full groan

Not that I will ever reach maturity; juvenile paralysis seems to be much more my style. There's a deep resentment for the destruction of self that imposed itself upon the form and function I felt my own; a warping that continues to this moment.

A basic cowardice created from a want of security; a lack of courage concerning the value of my persona; I drag these destructive thorns through my flesh without hope of absolution or release. Full of pity for a pity full soul; too frightened by the thought of a higher hell to look for some lower heaven; the space I haunt holds all the shades of fear needed to color the spectacles of a quivering specter.

If there exists any life to live within such unhallowed hollows, it continues to elude; leaving me to the deadening spirits from without to within.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Almost human

I am reminded of what my wife told me about our first correspondence; that her trepidation was mitigated by the fact that I didn’t ask about her anatomy. To me, such inquires would denote an objectification bordering on schizophrenic sadism; but from her accounts, it was the norm.

A lack of respect for another is indicative of contempt for one’s self; the notion that transpeople are unworthy of human compassion and love demonstrates the kind of depravity inherent in many individuals notions of a “normal” relationship.

My wife’s transsexuality enhances her natural attractiveness; it augments her beauty with a gentle, gorgeous empathy that I find irresistible. Would that the culture at large could forgo their beloved ignorance long enough to appreciate the beauty of personal integrity.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

cherished malice

Where anger is seen as strength, a sign of courage and power, hatred becomes a virtue most prized. The corrosive debasement of abhorrence corrupts one's personality, and the bitter rust of rancor weakens the moral foundation of ethical behavior.

The love with which contempt is lavished upon enemies speaks to the inversion of virtue into vice. The damnable traits of one's adversaries become a source of joy, in that they afford the opportunity to despise. Any turning of horror from the creation of self becomes cause for celebration; a momentary obscuring of the vile visage the mirror wears.

Rather than learn to love one's self and be forced to accept the less pristine reality; detesting the world for revealing the lack of perfection helps maintain the illusion of immaculate existence. As the gap between the inner and outer realm grows, is it any wonder that malice becomes ever more cherished?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


When defining the nature of desire, ignorance and emotional blindness play a distinctive role; but there are means by which such short sightedness may be overcome.

Understanding the elements which define our attraction to another is complex and fraught with difficulties; especially when they fall outside the bounds of convention. Most often when searching for a life partner, people use the customary parameters for guidance; regardless of their applicability.

When hearts yearn towards those who traverse the barriers of gender, different problems arise; both in self awareness and relational compatibility. What perversity rules the heart when it longs after an unknown; is it merely a lust toward the inhuman or a seeking of a kindred spirit? To search for the ambiguous may be a reflection of our own nebulous nature; an exploration of the facets that conventional society obscures.

When we strive to love, we embrace the elements outside our awareness, and move to expand the parameters of self that confine our consciousness. Accepting attraction to the unique compels us to look beyond lust, and temper base desire with a tenderness that cools the fevered heat of passion.

The danger lies in denial of our longing; a negation of what we truly feel by dampening our emotions into fetishes that debase ourselves and objectify those we might love. Only by embracing passion can we hope to create the compassion a beneficial relationship requires.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

yes, virginia tech, there is an insanity clause

Madness imposed from without becomes the mania which flourishes within. The controlled insanity that leads us to derive pleasure from the pain of an another creates chaos; a consuming anarchy that revels in destruction of self, others and society.

To expect individuals to derive sanity from the psychotic interactions they experience denotes a complete divorce from reality; a social schizophrenia that seems logical only in the light of fanatical hubris. To torment and expect gratitude for such mental dismemberment denotes a lust for moral detachment; a hunger for convenient outlets to disperse fear and pain without regard for the consequences.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Takes a village

It takes a village to raise a child; it takes a culture to raise a mass murderer.

The fevered desperation with which the general public seeks to deny responsibility for the murderous rampage of Cho would be amusing, if the pathetic cowardice were not so disturbing.

Abused and debased during his life, he now bears the distinction of being fodder for all the scapegoating customary in these cases; those who exploited Cho during his life are superseded by those who would exploit his death for their own political purposes.

A thousand contributions to depravity helped mold the killer of Virgina Tech: degradation, isolation, negation all provided the elements necessary to form a vicious and disturbed individual. As we cast about for someone to blame, will no one claim credit for creating this work of homicidal genius?

hate crimes

It is important that we take individual responsibility for our actions, but it is equally vital that we hold other accountable for their behaviors as well.

This Act would also provide much-needed resources for local law enforcement agencies, so they can investigate and prosecute hate crimes. This is not an issue of condoning behaviors that conflict with moral values, it is a question of controlling the destructive bigotry that tears at the social fabric of our society.

This legislation has long been supported by 31 state Attorneys-General, former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh, the National District Attorneys Association, the National Sheriffs Association, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Police Executive Forum and many other law enforcement organizations.

Please vote for the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act. I ask that you understand that for my wife and myself, this is not only a question of principle, but of personal safety.

We have no desire to force others to accept the viability of our lives, but we demand that their beliefs should not be used as justification to imperil our bodies, homes and livelihoods. This act, in our opinion provides the tools to create an equality that is both desperately needed, and sorely lacking.

in (never) cold blood

The idea of the mass murderer being someone who kills, not in the heat of passion, but in a cold, calculating fashion tends to ignore the reality of hatred- the blood that never cools.

Some of the most destructive emotions we possess are the unreleased ones- that which remains unexpressed increases its power a thousand fold. In the cult of masculinity, the inability to show the true nature of one's feeling exacts a toll, sometimes a gross and terrible one.

Anger becomes , to quote Pickard, like old leather; so comfortable one can not remember feeling any other way. More devastating, however, is the belief that the emotional pain of the present experience will never abate. This fire of hate, fear and pain congeals into a rage that burns unceasingly; and its flame consumes the portions of humanity that would prevent acts of atrocity.

With blood at a perpetual boil, cooler heads can't prevail; once the liquid evaporates, the scorched flesh begins.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

imus shocked as hue

Ignorant hatred plays palatable; the sweet flavor of bigotry finds favor upon many a tongue. Imus certainly pandered to the basest level of many a patron; he cloaked himself with the mantel of political respectability in the hopes of offsetting the despicable prejudice he loved to espouse.

The extraordinary monetary compensation he received demonstrates the love society has for such filth; moral pornography spread thick on the daily bread of media consumption.

The reactionary apologists howl plaintively at the demise of one of their own; personal responsibility is fit for anyone besides themselves. For the rest of the rational public however, it's nice to see this decrepit hatemonger put out to pasture, all hail Media Matters for their good works.

duking it out

How Orgasm Politics Has Hijacked the Women's Movement

by Sheila Jeffreys

The sex of prostitution has become accepted as the model for sex.
"Tabletop "dancing" tells us something we must understand about "sex" as constructed under male supremacy: The men bond through shared degradation of women. The men who frequent such clubs learn to believe that women love their sex-object status and love to sexually tease as they are examined like slaves in a market. And the women, as they told us, just cut off from what they are doing."
The veil of purity has been restored; the hymen reconstituted for those brave and exploited bastions of masculinity, the lacrosse players of Duke. Today all charges against them were withdrawn, and the new lawman in charge went so far as to declare them victims of horrible injustice. This lead others to howl in glee that any and all derogatory designations made towards these academic stalwarts must be the false ravings of the demented feminists and liberal hellspawn. The saints of sanctioned striptease have had their reputations restored; rich, objectifying brothers bound by the shared degradation of women for entertainment.

I breath a sigh of relief that wealth and power can triumph in a justice system; I feel palatable relief at the assurance that the elite will be spared the injustice of a misguided and malignant prosecution.

I exult further with the pronouncements of the pundits that no racist sentiments could have possibly been involved; at least not on the part of the stick wielding sons in question. Since the charge of rape has proved unprofitable to prosecute, the oppressed have likewise had their sins expunged; for how could such a cuddlesome fraternity possibly be culpable in anything so dire as racist slurs and epitaphs?

Born again, by the grace of the holy dollar; free again to frequent the institutes of anatomy where the gratefully groveling girls compete for the glory of removing their garments. Love undiminished, affording their beneficence an outlet in the form of garter belt stuffing, the Christian decency reigns supreme in this happy victory for the forces of rightousness.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

power flavors

The question is not whether a man is privileged over a woman of “similar class” but whether he is privileged over a woman who is incomparably wealthier than he is. - Tom Nolan

I disagree. The pertinent question here, in my opinion, is whether the male gender role dispenses a type of power unavailable to those in the female gender role. I would assert that it does; and with this power, those ascribing to the gender role of male have the responsibility to demonstrate that said power is not being abused.

I feel that this responsibility has not been met by the assertions thus far; furthermore, I find the examples by Q Grrl and others of exploitation based on gender roles compelling. Those inhabiting the male gender role can certainly point to certain patterns of behavior in it that they find personally destructive, but to assert that this means that the role itself cannot be considered oppressive ignores the inherent culpability of the dominant interactant.

The dichotomy of gender has helped to create a superior and a subordinate class structure- demonstratively debasing, in my view; but one that must be acknowledged to be rectified.

If you inhabit the role, then assume the inherent complicity in its destructive actions; find the courage to change it instead of discrediting those who demonstrate its abhorrent nature.

"common people" by pulp

From a comment on Feministe concerning a youtube video with william shatner covering this pulp song.

I had never heard this song before, but I think it’s wonderful.

Joe Jackson and Ben Folds Five performance is phenomenal, can’t say I care much for Shatner’s snarkiness.

I bought the original version, and my interpretation differs somewhat from Mnemosyne’s. I hear it as a comment on the rich slumming for entertainment; playing at poverty with the commons.

“You will never understand
how it feels to live your life
with no meaning or control
and with nowhere left to go
You are amazed that they exist
and they burn so bright
whilst you can only wonder why”

The grit and grime of lower class packaged into a weekend fling, minus the tedious despair and hopelessness; readily abandoned whenever it grows tiresome. The cultural convenience of disposable deprivation makes for a lovely holiday, but you really wouldn’t want to live there.

Of course, wealth is relative; even the east end might seem like paradise to many in this world, but the reduction of people into social-educational tools is demeaning no matter where it occurs.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Group Q Bench

I mean I'm sittin here on the Group Q bench
'cause you want to know if I'm moral enough join the army, burn women, kids, houses and villages after giving a blowjob?.

WASHINGTON - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Monday he considers homosexuality to be immoral and the military should not condone it by allowing gay personnel to serve openly, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Marine Gen. Peter Pace likened homosexuality to adultery, which he said was also immoral, the newspaper reported on its Web site. -

Delicious. Here is a man whose chosen profession comprises of death and destruction, yet he feels compelled to denounce, in a public forum no less, those who choice of sexual partners does not coincide with his own. Somehow, the act of homicide has become so virtuous that it may be defamed by orgasmic ecstasy outside the heroic hetro norm. Further, those who have sworn to defend this country with their lives serve with the distinction of being good enough to die for this land, but not good enough to live honorably in it.

The ignorant hatred that would condemn one's subordinates to censure and denunciation while they offer their very lives in service speaks to the moral defects inherent in such a system. The contempt for human life inherent in the military mindset even extents to its own personal; freedom's fodder becomes expendable and is discarded irrespective of their contributions. Whenever the powers that be decree, service becomes expendable, and the service men and women with it.

In the same vein, the veteran's needs are ignored; purpose served, they are deemed unworthy for adequate medical care. The disregard for life and limb on the battlefield extends to the hospital ward; crippling injuries are treated as if they were examples of moral deficiencies, and thus those maimed may be neglected and shunned.

The embrace of contempt displays a bankrupt conscience; the coin of compassion has been squandered, and with it, all hope of honor is spent.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The roar of the greasepaint...

Gender roles have become progressively more malevolent; they are tools whose propensity for abuse increase exponentially with the size of the groups that utilize them. At their core, their ability to guide complex interactions can be useful in providing structure between unfamiliar individuals; the problem arises when the roles themselves supersede the people they were designed to serve.

Many unscrupulous manipulators would use gender roles as a standard by which to impose judgments concerning self worth. An inability to conform equals a lack of humanity, and thus is equated with a right to impose punitive measures.

The uncertainty that plagues modern existence promotes fear, and with this fear comes a resistance to change, and a propensity to search for scapegoats. With identity in flux, the social interactions that once seemed sound have many floundering; an ever increasing desperation for stability leads to a rigid adherence t0 convention, even at the price of personal integrity.

The transformation of people into objects allows many to detach themselves from the bonds of responsibility that prohibit destructive actions. Thus, a transgressor of traditional gender roles can be labeled a freak, and be abused verbally and physically without causing the perpetrator guilt for their criminal behavior. Indeed, such cruelty may well be painted with the brush of virtue; as sustaining order and preserving social cohesion.

Forcing people to perform roles for which they are miscast not only destroys the actor, it sabotages the play entire. Everyone has unique attributes, and if these increasing diverse talents are to be fully utilized, there must be greater allowances made for the individual interpretation of the human condition. To demolish the characters for the sake of show only insures dismal windowing of such a presentation to the point where the final curtain is a merciful release.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The warping of the American political system surely stands as the crowning achievement of the august Assembly, for not only has it managed to render voter apathy as the normal mode of operation of the voting public, it has also precluded the induction of any qualified candidates into the upper echelons of the process.

Consider- the vast quantities of capital needed to mount a successful campaign necessitate the candidate's prostitution of themselves to procure the required funds. Like the corner call girl, the seeker of public office must pander to the fantasies of the constituents - blowing the horn of security through strength, or spreading wide the orifice of governmental giving; slathered in warpaint or rouged in charity; clad in butch warrior's armor or demurely adorned in the flowing skirts of compassion. The whore of identity stand ready to spread wide their selves for all comers: so longs as payment remains predictable, and doesn't frighten off the other clientèle.

Dr. Mordacious "Deceit as the tool of Statecraft"

We, Them, and Us

Although discrimination breeds many perils, there are instances where selective inclusion becomes not only acceptable, but desirable. I see it not as a permanent fixture, but as a means to address the injustices created by social inequalities.

Where identity expression is suppressed by coercion, not only are individual gifts diminished, but the collective loss of confidence creates groups ripe for the ravages of bigotry. Allowing self exploration and freedom of expression unfettered by the constraints of fear can be a vital tool towards healing and self reconstruction.

There are, however, difficulties made manifest due to previous exploitation; a lack of trust and reluctance to extend acceptance towards those whose differences are misunderstood.

I would argue that abiding by the wishes of such a group can be accomplished without becoming ensnared in the exclusionary viewpoints they espouse.

Amour de animosity

It is always a source of intense gratification to be party to the petty squabbles between the lower caste lewdies over the castoff crumbs of the Assembly.

The viciously small-minded prove entertaining in their stupefying callousness, and unlike other animals, need little prompting to provoke such altercations.

The zest with which they slaver over the slander of the designated enemies is fit fodder for those whose palate has become accustomed to the flailing of the less gifted, but an over indulgence may rob the astute observer of the insights implicit in such interactions.

Lest the organ of analysis become besotted by the manifest pleasures thus afforded, let a careful dissection of the relevant elements involved guide an appreciation thereof, and allow manipulation in the most efficient manner.

To begin, an examination of hate filled rhetoric itself is in order. The purpose of such putrid speech is two fold- degradation and incendiary.

First, the perpetrators seek to debase the adversaries, hoping that by diminishing their foes, the can likewise diminish their fear. Thus, instead of striving to understand the dread and master the apprehension, they become enslaved to the Sisyphean task of obscuring that which cause them to cower, hoping that through the veils of cruelty they will find courage. In truth, however, such sight dimming merely increases their apprehension, allowing that which is viewed darkly to maintain a most fearsome visage, perpetuating the vicious cycle of fear and debasement.

Secondly, by using such speech to incite strong emotion, they seeks to dampen the intellect. Stoking the flames of hysteria provides an excellent screen of fire and smoke, the better to obscure their opponents' powers of reason, and their own. Once mired within such a pit, the ensuing ash soots the forces and faces of all, leaving sense
smoldering in the cinders. Pandering to baser emotions not only allows an emotional intoxication that proves addictive, it removes the likelihood that any substantive cognitive progress will be made on the subjects under discussion.

Therefore, the indulgence in hate speech must be promoted by whatever means necessary- under the guise of "justice", "fair play", or "truth". Affixing these cherished labels prevents the gibbering jackanapes from the sort of self examination that might prevent the use of detestable rhetoric; and allow the simian simpletons the delightful delusion of virtuous action.

Dr. Mordacious "Deceit as the tool of Statecraft"
It is encouraging to note the use of chastity by the reactionary forces in mitigating personal responsibility. A brief outline should serve to delineate the reasoning behind such a stance, and keep the participants from straying into anything approaching virtue.

On its most basic level, the lust for abstinence allow the dehumanization of all the participants. Whenever a particular behavior is deemed more valuable than those who would engage in its practice, it reinforces the belief that things are to be prized above people. The means becomes an end unto itself, rather than a tool for individual improvement, and open those who fail to conform to degradation. A lapse in chastity becomes a lapse in humanity; inviting a painful condemnation from anyone willing to compromise their own human charity for the opportunity of denunciation.

The joys of slut shaming pander to the degenerate instincts under the guise of righteousness; lynch mob mentality wrapped in purity.

Next, framing the issue in negative terms helps deflect any honorable intentions that might otherwise pose significant problems. Teaching charity between sexes; the affirmation of giving; the positive esteem enhancement; all these potentially hazardous behaviors are avoided by focusing on abstinence. Thus, it's the denial that rises to the fore; the want of action that occupies their attention, The question becomes not "what may I offer to assist my kin in improvement" but instead "what denial is in their best interest". Withholding rather than giving keeps the focus on the struggle for power; the obsession for control that overrides all other concerns.

Compatibility and Christianity

Recent events exemplify the dangers of using one's religious beliefs as justification for personal prejudice.

When a someone designates themselves as the voice of God, such hubris eclipses any illumination that his faith may be said to provide. At best, one can hope to perceive the will of the Lord for one's own life; the presumption that our limited knowledge empowers us with the ability to prognosticate the action of Deity speaks of an ignorance and arrogance unmitigated by charity.

God is commonly used as an authority to sanctify our most odious bigotry; first comes the fear and hatred, then the rationalization to justify it. We stride better to seek our salvation when unencumbered by the weight of ignorance; the souls we save may be our own.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Most ideology ages in a fairly predictable fashion. What once prompted new lines of thought and inquiry becomes increasingly entrenched in convention, until the well worn ruts of orthodoxy inhibit and deflect new ideas and the reevaluation of old ones.

That which challenged, now conforms; that which confronted, now comforts. Worse yet, a guiding and supportive philosophy gradually contorts into a weapon against those outside its borders- the staff sharpens to scimitar, the crutch becomes cudgel.

Too often, the path to utopia ends littered with the corpse of charity and compassion, the map of righteous way obscures the people under foot in the journey. A representation of reality is infinity more lovable than the actual earth we traverse, why mar the trek by glancing about us?

In truth, such blinkering seems based less in malice than malaise; world weariness begs us to conserve whatever resources we can in hope of completing the sojourn intact. O course, there are those whose debased nature leads them to disregard the reality of others out of fear and rage; but even this seems understandable, if lamentable.

How best then to avoid the confines of a cadaverous ideology? Perhaps by a transfusion of new blood; an acceptance of intellectual donations without condemnation for a lack of purity. Yes, screen out infectious agents, but don't reject wholesale the life sustaining properties such a gift may offer. If ideology is a success, but a person dies, who exactly is being served?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The object of torture

This slate article speaks about the nature of torture in modern society. I found it interesting, but I think that it misses an important point. Although it states "The opportunity to inflict torment gives absolute power to the otherwise powerless", it fails to relate this idea to the reason that a wide range of the human population find torture acceptable; given the proper circumstances.

The solace that torture provides to an individual who feels powerless is two fold. First, the inflicting of pain on others obscures our own; it furnishes a distraction of delusional superiority where our discomfort can be enshrouded by the agony of another. Second, torture affords the illusion of control; the ability to cause suffering to others promotes a sense that despite the unpredictability of our existance, our manipulative abilities will enable us to master the situation.

Despite the reversvations many might posess towards torture in a personal setting, the use of such actions fullfill an emotional need that supersedes the intellectual qualms. Thus, the search for situations where torture becomes justifiable, and can even become a form of entertainment; whether in Guantanamo or on "24"

Sadly, I feel that the true object of torture is toture; just as Eric Blair would have O'Brien tell us; and the soon we face the need for such depravity, the better chance we have for preventing such abuses in the future.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Amor Est Magis Cognitvus Quam Cognitio" ( We Know things better by Love than by intellect ).

There is an inherent conflict between the tools we use and ourselves. That which may be limited is more easily grasped, more easily manipulated and thus makes a convenient substitute for a complex and varied individual. Reason can become a surrogate self, rather than an instrument by which one is revealed.

Our emotional bonds, however, speak to the deepest and most elemental levels of being we posses. Without a clear understanding of how somethings feels, and why; we lack full comprehension of its relevance.

Friday, February 16, 2007

We are supposedly granted the right against self incrimination, but mirrors are not included in the protection. Betrayal by appearance, a face unable to conform to beauty's standards speaks condemnation to public eyes.

Plumbing the depths of skin with a glance, the cursory judgements of kin and character reign, their edicts exacting a toll that strands many.

Unable to transverse the paths of facade, the lack of motion reads as failure for a culture equating movement with progress. For want of a look, a life is lost; left to wander the wilderness of the unbecoming.