Saturday, March 17, 2007

Group Q Bench

I mean I'm sittin here on the Group Q bench
'cause you want to know if I'm moral enough join the army, burn women, kids, houses and villages after giving a blowjob?.

WASHINGTON - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Monday he considers homosexuality to be immoral and the military should not condone it by allowing gay personnel to serve openly, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Marine Gen. Peter Pace likened homosexuality to adultery, which he said was also immoral, the newspaper reported on its Web site. -

Delicious. Here is a man whose chosen profession comprises of death and destruction, yet he feels compelled to denounce, in a public forum no less, those who choice of sexual partners does not coincide with his own. Somehow, the act of homicide has become so virtuous that it may be defamed by orgasmic ecstasy outside the heroic hetro norm. Further, those who have sworn to defend this country with their lives serve with the distinction of being good enough to die for this land, but not good enough to live honorably in it.

The ignorant hatred that would condemn one's subordinates to censure and denunciation while they offer their very lives in service speaks to the moral defects inherent in such a system. The contempt for human life inherent in the military mindset even extents to its own personal; freedom's fodder becomes expendable and is discarded irrespective of their contributions. Whenever the powers that be decree, service becomes expendable, and the service men and women with it.

In the same vein, the veteran's needs are ignored; purpose served, they are deemed unworthy for adequate medical care. The disregard for life and limb on the battlefield extends to the hospital ward; crippling injuries are treated as if they were examples of moral deficiencies, and thus those maimed may be neglected and shunned.

The embrace of contempt displays a bankrupt conscience; the coin of compassion has been squandered, and with it, all hope of honor is spent.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The roar of the greasepaint...

Gender roles have become progressively more malevolent; they are tools whose propensity for abuse increase exponentially with the size of the groups that utilize them. At their core, their ability to guide complex interactions can be useful in providing structure between unfamiliar individuals; the problem arises when the roles themselves supersede the people they were designed to serve.

Many unscrupulous manipulators would use gender roles as a standard by which to impose judgments concerning self worth. An inability to conform equals a lack of humanity, and thus is equated with a right to impose punitive measures.

The uncertainty that plagues modern existence promotes fear, and with this fear comes a resistance to change, and a propensity to search for scapegoats. With identity in flux, the social interactions that once seemed sound have many floundering; an ever increasing desperation for stability leads to a rigid adherence t0 convention, even at the price of personal integrity.

The transformation of people into objects allows many to detach themselves from the bonds of responsibility that prohibit destructive actions. Thus, a transgressor of traditional gender roles can be labeled a freak, and be abused verbally and physically without causing the perpetrator guilt for their criminal behavior. Indeed, such cruelty may well be painted with the brush of virtue; as sustaining order and preserving social cohesion.

Forcing people to perform roles for which they are miscast not only destroys the actor, it sabotages the play entire. Everyone has unique attributes, and if these increasing diverse talents are to be fully utilized, there must be greater allowances made for the individual interpretation of the human condition. To demolish the characters for the sake of show only insures dismal windowing of such a presentation to the point where the final curtain is a merciful release.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The warping of the American political system surely stands as the crowning achievement of the august Assembly, for not only has it managed to render voter apathy as the normal mode of operation of the voting public, it has also precluded the induction of any qualified candidates into the upper echelons of the process.

Consider- the vast quantities of capital needed to mount a successful campaign necessitate the candidate's prostitution of themselves to procure the required funds. Like the corner call girl, the seeker of public office must pander to the fantasies of the constituents - blowing the horn of security through strength, or spreading wide the orifice of governmental giving; slathered in warpaint or rouged in charity; clad in butch warrior's armor or demurely adorned in the flowing skirts of compassion. The whore of identity stand ready to spread wide their selves for all comers: so longs as payment remains predictable, and doesn't frighten off the other clientèle.

Dr. Mordacious "Deceit as the tool of Statecraft"

We, Them, and Us

Although discrimination breeds many perils, there are instances where selective inclusion becomes not only acceptable, but desirable. I see it not as a permanent fixture, but as a means to address the injustices created by social inequalities.

Where identity expression is suppressed by coercion, not only are individual gifts diminished, but the collective loss of confidence creates groups ripe for the ravages of bigotry. Allowing self exploration and freedom of expression unfettered by the constraints of fear can be a vital tool towards healing and self reconstruction.

There are, however, difficulties made manifest due to previous exploitation; a lack of trust and reluctance to extend acceptance towards those whose differences are misunderstood.

I would argue that abiding by the wishes of such a group can be accomplished without becoming ensnared in the exclusionary viewpoints they espouse.

Amour de animosity

It is always a source of intense gratification to be party to the petty squabbles between the lower caste lewdies over the castoff crumbs of the Assembly.

The viciously small-minded prove entertaining in their stupefying callousness, and unlike other animals, need little prompting to provoke such altercations.

The zest with which they slaver over the slander of the designated enemies is fit fodder for those whose palate has become accustomed to the flailing of the less gifted, but an over indulgence may rob the astute observer of the insights implicit in such interactions.

Lest the organ of analysis become besotted by the manifest pleasures thus afforded, let a careful dissection of the relevant elements involved guide an appreciation thereof, and allow manipulation in the most efficient manner.

To begin, an examination of hate filled rhetoric itself is in order. The purpose of such putrid speech is two fold- degradation and incendiary.

First, the perpetrators seek to debase the adversaries, hoping that by diminishing their foes, the can likewise diminish their fear. Thus, instead of striving to understand the dread and master the apprehension, they become enslaved to the Sisyphean task of obscuring that which cause them to cower, hoping that through the veils of cruelty they will find courage. In truth, however, such sight dimming merely increases their apprehension, allowing that which is viewed darkly to maintain a most fearsome visage, perpetuating the vicious cycle of fear and debasement.

Secondly, by using such speech to incite strong emotion, they seeks to dampen the intellect. Stoking the flames of hysteria provides an excellent screen of fire and smoke, the better to obscure their opponents' powers of reason, and their own. Once mired within such a pit, the ensuing ash soots the forces and faces of all, leaving sense
smoldering in the cinders. Pandering to baser emotions not only allows an emotional intoxication that proves addictive, it removes the likelihood that any substantive cognitive progress will be made on the subjects under discussion.

Therefore, the indulgence in hate speech must be promoted by whatever means necessary- under the guise of "justice", "fair play", or "truth". Affixing these cherished labels prevents the gibbering jackanapes from the sort of self examination that might prevent the use of detestable rhetoric; and allow the simian simpletons the delightful delusion of virtuous action.

Dr. Mordacious "Deceit as the tool of Statecraft"
It is encouraging to note the use of chastity by the reactionary forces in mitigating personal responsibility. A brief outline should serve to delineate the reasoning behind such a stance, and keep the participants from straying into anything approaching virtue.

On its most basic level, the lust for abstinence allow the dehumanization of all the participants. Whenever a particular behavior is deemed more valuable than those who would engage in its practice, it reinforces the belief that things are to be prized above people. The means becomes an end unto itself, rather than a tool for individual improvement, and open those who fail to conform to degradation. A lapse in chastity becomes a lapse in humanity; inviting a painful condemnation from anyone willing to compromise their own human charity for the opportunity of denunciation.

The joys of slut shaming pander to the degenerate instincts under the guise of righteousness; lynch mob mentality wrapped in purity.

Next, framing the issue in negative terms helps deflect any honorable intentions that might otherwise pose significant problems. Teaching charity between sexes; the affirmation of giving; the positive esteem enhancement; all these potentially hazardous behaviors are avoided by focusing on abstinence. Thus, it's the denial that rises to the fore; the want of action that occupies their attention, The question becomes not "what may I offer to assist my kin in improvement" but instead "what denial is in their best interest". Withholding rather than giving keeps the focus on the struggle for power; the obsession for control that overrides all other concerns.

Compatibility and Christianity

Recent events exemplify the dangers of using one's religious beliefs as justification for personal prejudice.

When a someone designates themselves as the voice of God, such hubris eclipses any illumination that his faith may be said to provide. At best, one can hope to perceive the will of the Lord for one's own life; the presumption that our limited knowledge empowers us with the ability to prognosticate the action of Deity speaks of an ignorance and arrogance unmitigated by charity.

God is commonly used as an authority to sanctify our most odious bigotry; first comes the fear and hatred, then the rationalization to justify it. We stride better to seek our salvation when unencumbered by the weight of ignorance; the souls we save may be our own.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Most ideology ages in a fairly predictable fashion. What once prompted new lines of thought and inquiry becomes increasingly entrenched in convention, until the well worn ruts of orthodoxy inhibit and deflect new ideas and the reevaluation of old ones.

That which challenged, now conforms; that which confronted, now comforts. Worse yet, a guiding and supportive philosophy gradually contorts into a weapon against those outside its borders- the staff sharpens to scimitar, the crutch becomes cudgel.

Too often, the path to utopia ends littered with the corpse of charity and compassion, the map of righteous way obscures the people under foot in the journey. A representation of reality is infinity more lovable than the actual earth we traverse, why mar the trek by glancing about us?

In truth, such blinkering seems based less in malice than malaise; world weariness begs us to conserve whatever resources we can in hope of completing the sojourn intact. O course, there are those whose debased nature leads them to disregard the reality of others out of fear and rage; but even this seems understandable, if lamentable.

How best then to avoid the confines of a cadaverous ideology? Perhaps by a transfusion of new blood; an acceptance of intellectual donations without condemnation for a lack of purity. Yes, screen out infectious agents, but don't reject wholesale the life sustaining properties such a gift may offer. If ideology is a success, but a person dies, who exactly is being served?