Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My reality becomes yours

What is power? On the interpersonal level, it is the imposition of one world view over another. In society, the shared reality dictates actions, behaviors, values and beliefs; but if the collective vision derives its structure from a conglomeration of individual perceptions, which will rule?

Is it force of will, or the proximity to truth that determines the adoption of a particular perspective? Viability or verisimilitude? Does the mindset that serves today lead to an increased probability for survival, or convey the human caravan to a cul-de-sac? The propensity for personal expediency to exploit public opinion is acknowledged by most, but will truth out in the final analysis? Are some delusions so palatable that they supersede rational thought and objective observation? Will the derived comfort of deception prove great enough to dull the sense of survival, and dictate demise?

Surrendering one's self hood to the demands of societal commandments becomes a delicate balancing act; too little, and one is denied the benefits inherent in cohesive group actions; too much, and one is denied the self which seeks enrichment.

It is the use of force to make one's will manifest in all that poses the true moral dilemma. Doing with might under the pretext of doing right entices, but corrupts; to cower or coerce others into conformity negates the virtue sought by such adherence.

When I make my reality yours, it becomes something less than becoming- you become less.

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