Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of this time, of that place

The instruments of precision fail to serve when they supersede their designated purpose; the fear of uniqueness impairs the creation of the self that fulfills the deepest need of the individual. For the sake of conformity and acceptance into the society of achievement, machines degenerate the organic distinctiveness by denying soul spawned thought and feelings.

The enticements wailed by clockwork sirens befuddle all sense of navigation, sending the ship of reason yawing towards the shoals of desire; wrecking the voyage of self discovery. For want of certainty, for lust of security; progress is abandoned upon the rocky shallows of technology; the spirit left to bleach into a hollow carcass, bereft of beauty and life.

Here then lies the most terrible of all temporal and spacial junctions, the nowhere all-encompassing both self and situation; the negation defining existence that relegates humanity to an inanimate object, forever confined to this and that time and place.

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