Monday, June 16, 2008


There are only two mistakes that inhibit your success. One is a lack of initiative, the other is overstepping your bounds. Between these two poles of error, the entire range of failure is bound. Thus, whatever deficits of achievement occur beneath your watch, you and you alone bear full culpability for the negative outcomes. Those above you can not be held accountable for disasters caused by your negligence and incompetence, and will swiftly met out the most severe retribution that suits our needs.

Thus, the degree of ruthlessness with which you discharge your duties becomes of paramount importance; not only to future prosperity, but more significantly, to your present existence. Understanding this will prove invaluable in realigning your values; for if any principle should limit the effective attainment of the task assigned, it is to be summarily discarded, and subsequently dismissed as immaterial.

Maintaining the utmost degree of elasticity when dealing with moral imperatives is not a sign of degeneracy, rather, it bespeaks of a dynamic, practical nature; one well suited to the progressive mindset needed for the betterment of the social structure. Any atavistic factions that cling to such notions as duty, honor, truth, justice and/or love are thus reactionary to the most appalling degree, and must be dealt with in the manner appropriate for such evolutionary dead ends- extinction.

Dr. Modacious- Deceit as a Tool of Statecraft
(from C.S. Lewis)

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