Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mutually Assured Destruction

To shape unique individuals into interchangeable components requires a willingness and desire to amputate all forms of meaningful differentiation.

The power holders delegate this function through social norms to assure that groups enforce strict compliance by means of mental, emotional, and physical violence.

People must be taught to regard their most basic reality- their intrinsic sense of self- as a criminal perversity; deserving both abhorrence and punitive measures. Self hatred that springs from the recognition of human distinctiveness creates powerful tools in the hands of the unscrupulous; a truncheon to beat down diversity, and a blade to excise confidence in one's ability to create a viable personality.

Thus, personal validity becomes linked to conformity; and the willingness to destroy uniqueness in others. One can't have an identity , but one can prevent others from having theirs. The mutual destruction assures that no one survives; only the imitations of life are left to fill the societal slots.

Existence at the price of reality; a MADness controlled by insanity of power.

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