Monday, January 25, 2010

q and or a

1. Does President Obama seem to be generally more supportive of Trans folk than he seems to be of GLB folk?

2. If corporations can spend money on elections, then that means that LGBT folks can form corporations (which are fairly cheap to do) and spend money on elections as well -- stepping outside the realm of 501c3 and c4 orgs and free of the reporting requirements that burden them.

3. On the presumption of Perry making it through the full 9th cicuit -- will that overturn amendments in the other states, and if so, will it allow for a window of opportunity before SCOTUS puts a hold on it?

4. How would you define sexual orientation? Given the attempt by the defense in the Perry Trial to show that it changes and is hard to pin down, what criteria would you use to describe it?

5. How would you feel if a politician stood up and said that they were running on a platform to deny gay people the right to be in communal showers with other persons of the same sex on the grounds they could assault them? How would you feel if every major organization was suddenly silent about it?

1. Does it matter? The amount of support for GLB seems so small, surpassing it inspires little comfort.

2. Hooray. Now the financially challenged can compete with the financially grossly over-endowed without any burdensome reporting requirements. I'll be rushing out to take advantage of that real soon.

3. Doubtful, although one can hope. More likely, even a favorable outcome would be suspended while waiting for the Supreme Court to strike down equality in the name of "precedent".

4. Sexual orientation depends on one's particular location, and the points that supply both a foundation and opportunity for growth. I'd start with the criteria that promote happy, healthy and productive relationships irrespective of their correlation to gender attraction.

5. I'd feel disgust but little surprise. Politics seems based on expediency, not morality; so unless the two can be intertwined I feel little hope for policy based on the second value overriding the first.

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