Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adrift in sea of uncertainty

Creating an unbalanced personality becomes much easier when one lacks the security of
stability.  The ever-changing flow of information and situations swells over the senses;
swamping sensibilities and causing one to flounder in the course of life.  The facts of any
given day can be the falsehoods of tomorrow; tempting one to cast out any fixed points of
reference in the navigation of personal progress.  The omnipresent here and now becomes
the sum total of existence, the guidance of unchanging values becomes nebulous and seemingly
irrelevant; and advancement itself takes on the properties of a phantom.  In striving for a
truth that remains simply consistent, one loses all perspective of the their current position,
and where to travel next.  Without any real perception of a channel to navigate; one floats
adrift on a sea of uncertainty.

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Grace Wilson said...

past, future, present moment, please write more.

a reader