Saturday, September 20, 2014

Marked by Cain

Reign of blows has washed away the corpse of Abel,
Cain is now the king in every Babel


His blood cries out from the ground, and our silence is deafening.  The noise of babel rises up in an attempt to obscure the calls for justice; and with it, the sound of gunfire and the ring of truncheons.

This has become the backdrop to the lives of this land; this resonates across the cities and towns with deadly echoes; this violence and murder plays in the daily soundtrack that accompanies us throughout these times of contention and fear.

We clamp our hands upon our ears, and sing ever louder to deaden the horrific bedlam we have composed, and hope that by ignoring the lamentations they will cease.  There can be no respite, however, no relief from the slaughter symphony program selected for performance; the chorus and musicians drone on as their hire demands.  The tune called, the piper paid in wages of brutality; the song remains the same.

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