Wednesday, April 11, 2007

duking it out

How Orgasm Politics Has Hijacked the Women's Movement

by Sheila Jeffreys

The sex of prostitution has become accepted as the model for sex.
"Tabletop "dancing" tells us something we must understand about "sex" as constructed under male supremacy: The men bond through shared degradation of women. The men who frequent such clubs learn to believe that women love their sex-object status and love to sexually tease as they are examined like slaves in a market. And the women, as they told us, just cut off from what they are doing."
The veil of purity has been restored; the hymen reconstituted for those brave and exploited bastions of masculinity, the lacrosse players of Duke. Today all charges against them were withdrawn, and the new lawman in charge went so far as to declare them victims of horrible injustice. This lead others to howl in glee that any and all derogatory designations made towards these academic stalwarts must be the false ravings of the demented feminists and liberal hellspawn. The saints of sanctioned striptease have had their reputations restored; rich, objectifying brothers bound by the shared degradation of women for entertainment.

I breath a sigh of relief that wealth and power can triumph in a justice system; I feel palatable relief at the assurance that the elite will be spared the injustice of a misguided and malignant prosecution.

I exult further with the pronouncements of the pundits that no racist sentiments could have possibly been involved; at least not on the part of the stick wielding sons in question. Since the charge of rape has proved unprofitable to prosecute, the oppressed have likewise had their sins expunged; for how could such a cuddlesome fraternity possibly be culpable in anything so dire as racist slurs and epitaphs?

Born again, by the grace of the holy dollar; free again to frequent the institutes of anatomy where the gratefully groveling girls compete for the glory of removing their garments. Love undiminished, affording their beneficence an outlet in the form of garter belt stuffing, the Christian decency reigns supreme in this happy victory for the forces of rightousness.

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