Wednesday, April 4, 2007

power flavors

The question is not whether a man is privileged over a woman of “similar class” but whether he is privileged over a woman who is incomparably wealthier than he is. - Tom Nolan

I disagree. The pertinent question here, in my opinion, is whether the male gender role dispenses a type of power unavailable to those in the female gender role. I would assert that it does; and with this power, those ascribing to the gender role of male have the responsibility to demonstrate that said power is not being abused.

I feel that this responsibility has not been met by the assertions thus far; furthermore, I find the examples by Q Grrl and others of exploitation based on gender roles compelling. Those inhabiting the male gender role can certainly point to certain patterns of behavior in it that they find personally destructive, but to assert that this means that the role itself cannot be considered oppressive ignores the inherent culpability of the dominant interactant.

The dichotomy of gender has helped to create a superior and a subordinate class structure- demonstratively debasing, in my view; but one that must be acknowledged to be rectified.

If you inhabit the role, then assume the inherent complicity in its destructive actions; find the courage to change it instead of discrediting those who demonstrate its abhorrent nature.

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