Sunday, May 20, 2007

cherished malice

Where anger is seen as strength, a sign of courage and power, hatred becomes a virtue most prized. The corrosive debasement of abhorrence corrupts one's personality, and the bitter rust of rancor weakens the moral foundation of ethical behavior.

The love with which contempt is lavished upon enemies speaks to the inversion of virtue into vice. The damnable traits of one's adversaries become a source of joy, in that they afford the opportunity to despise. Any turning of horror from the creation of self becomes cause for celebration; a momentary obscuring of the vile visage the mirror wears.

Rather than learn to love one's self and be forced to accept the less pristine reality; detesting the world for revealing the lack of perfection helps maintain the illusion of immaculate existence. As the gap between the inner and outer realm grows, is it any wonder that malice becomes ever more cherished?