Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pallid drone

Draining the individual life force from humans remain a primary concern of all gainful employment. By reducing a thinking, feeling, caring person into a drone who merely reacts to the given stimulus, a creature is created which has great value for the means of production.

The difficulty lies in the degree of dehumanization which will prove most beneficial to the demands of enterprise, and means by which it is to be achieved.

Certainly, the simple reduction of self worth remains one of the most useful tools for any situation. Destabilization of personal affirmation allows the creation of a gaping void, one that demands to be filled by outside forces. Thus, the individual finds itself beholden to outside powers for validation, and therefore unable to resist the guiding hands of manipulation.

Materialistic society at large furnishes much of this insecurity by way of consumption driven culture; an adroit profiteering of such insecurity entails linking self esteem to income production, especially at the individual's expense. The more efficiently the employee engages in their own exploitation, the "better" they are proclaimed to be. The epitome of this relationship occurs when the worker literally deconstructs themselves in a futile attempt to gain validation. Their families, spirituality, and outside interests all are to be discarded in the pursuit of affirmation; leaving them ever more unstable, and dependent on the approval of their economic masters.

Thus, the striving forwards leaves them backward, and their backwardness leaves them no way forward. Drained of life by work, and of work by life, they are running back to an emptiness in either direction.

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