Monday, August 18, 2008

Between a king and jack

Gangsters and world leaders
Require the same protection from attack
From this distance it's hard to tell the difference
Between a king and jack
Between a poet and hack


All those besotted by power become indistinguishable, their forms are dimmed by the warp by which they are adorned. Legality becomes inconsequential, the morality abandoned far overshadows any vestiges of humanity bestowed by conventionality; distending the figures into caricatures of humans.

The pretense that assumes societal sanction prevents depravity provides a twisted amusement, but no real comfort for anyone possessing even the rudimentary powers of discernment. Adoration surpasses any judgment concerning virtue; notoriety becomes justification for existence, and allows depravity its own special acceptance.

The artists of the airwaves need only create a following to insure their passage to salvation; hacking to heaven denotes the norm of abnormality. The success of excess canonizes carnality; the paragons of anything but virtue are enshrined by rapt attention and indiscriminate adoration. What man has deified, let no one debase.

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