Monday, August 18, 2008

sucker into saint

"People can't stand the idea of being a fool; it's cognitively intolerable. So they mentally "reframe" the situation to make their behavior not only acceptable but superior: They moralize their spinelessness, transforming it into altruism, community spirit—saintliness. They become "holier than thou."
For many, the specter of bigotry terrifies; the thought of appearing an ignorant, hate-filled fool propels them towards whatever cognitive contortions will sanctify their base impulses. Rather than take responsibility for the price of such prejudice, it feels much more pleasant to blame the objects of their intolerance; shifting the shame of hatred to those that are despised.

This is especially true for those that abhor gender variant people; whether by religious cant, or social convention, distorted rationalizations provide a convenient cover for loathsome behavior. Assaulting people in nonconforming attire becomes "upholding traditional social norms"; exploiting gay compatriots morphs into "exercising the will of God"- vices in any other context are transmuted into virtue simply by using fallacies bolstered by fear and dogma.

Cherished habits are not purified by time alone; it is a willful pride that prevents a reexamination of values in the light of affirming acceptance. The ability to change, especially when it comes from the recognition of ignorance; is not weakness, but a courageous strength much under appreciated in the realm of rigid mindsets. Loving one's self allows the extension of charity towards all, even those most feared. The importance of building realistic self esteem, and sharing this gift with others creates a society where hatred need not be hallowed, and allows each individual the opportunity to contribute their gifts for the greater good. Admitting to wrongs, and changing them is the path to righteousness.

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