Saturday, October 18, 2008

hollowed be thy name

One of the most delightful procedures is the evisceration of faith through religion itself. Where virtues might be found to flourish, the application of self-righteous pride and ignorance allow individuals to forgo the tiresome burdens of charity, hope, and devotion; freeing them to tote whatever orthodoxy rides most easily.

By substituting the image of holiness for its reality, and focusing all attention and adoration towards such a graven image; there remains precious little energy allotted to the actual work of faith. Thus, the ostentatious display of pseudo-piety affords its devotees sanctimonious smugness without any corresponding responsibility; a perfect recipe for a feast of indulgent hatred.

Secure within the shell of conviction, belief in anything other than the justification of self seems remote, and one finds little danger in evoking whichever deity best serves that purpose- hollowed be thy name, wherever thou art.

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