Sunday, October 19, 2008

three r's

You could say our lives as social beings are ruled by the three R's: respect—the sense that proper deference has been paid to our status, reputation—the carefully maintained perception of our qualities, and reciprocity—the belief that our actions are responded to fairly.
Indeed, these principles of education are the most prized within the academy of society; and inculcating them our most sacred task. Without due respect, there can be no self-esteem. Without a proper reputation, one's standing in the community is compromised. Without proportionate reciprocity, public intercourse becomes unbalanced and dysfunctional.

Managing these aspects of our lives becomes of paramount importance; calling us to expend all energy necessary to insure that our persona is properly cultivated and cherished by all pertinent people. Impressing others with our prominence should occupy a central position in our daily lives; insuring a stable and predictable pattern of interactions.

To achieve this worthy goal, both the powers of persuasion and coercion are vital, and need to be applied in copious portions to the festering sores of misperception that exist in the minds of others. Only when the infection of ignorance have been salved into submission can our proper station be restored and maintained.

This education needs to be continuing, for without constant reapplication; chances of a recurrence of reality are far too common; imposing the specter of infection and its insidious consequences.

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