Saturday, March 3, 2007

Amour de animosity

It is always a source of intense gratification to be party to the petty squabbles between the lower caste lewdies over the castoff crumbs of the Assembly.

The viciously small-minded prove entertaining in their stupefying callousness, and unlike other animals, need little prompting to provoke such altercations.

The zest with which they slaver over the slander of the designated enemies is fit fodder for those whose palate has become accustomed to the flailing of the less gifted, but an over indulgence may rob the astute observer of the insights implicit in such interactions.

Lest the organ of analysis become besotted by the manifest pleasures thus afforded, let a careful dissection of the relevant elements involved guide an appreciation thereof, and allow manipulation in the most efficient manner.

To begin, an examination of hate filled rhetoric itself is in order. The purpose of such putrid speech is two fold- degradation and incendiary.

First, the perpetrators seek to debase the adversaries, hoping that by diminishing their foes, the can likewise diminish their fear. Thus, instead of striving to understand the dread and master the apprehension, they become enslaved to the Sisyphean task of obscuring that which cause them to cower, hoping that through the veils of cruelty they will find courage. In truth, however, such sight dimming merely increases their apprehension, allowing that which is viewed darkly to maintain a most fearsome visage, perpetuating the vicious cycle of fear and debasement.

Secondly, by using such speech to incite strong emotion, they seeks to dampen the intellect. Stoking the flames of hysteria provides an excellent screen of fire and smoke, the better to obscure their opponents' powers of reason, and their own. Once mired within such a pit, the ensuing ash soots the forces and faces of all, leaving sense
smoldering in the cinders. Pandering to baser emotions not only allows an emotional intoxication that proves addictive, it removes the likelihood that any substantive cognitive progress will be made on the subjects under discussion.

Therefore, the indulgence in hate speech must be promoted by whatever means necessary- under the guise of "justice", "fair play", or "truth". Affixing these cherished labels prevents the gibbering jackanapes from the sort of self examination that might prevent the use of detestable rhetoric; and allow the simian simpletons the delightful delusion of virtuous action.

Dr. Mordacious "Deceit as the tool of Statecraft"

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