Saturday, March 3, 2007

It is encouraging to note the use of chastity by the reactionary forces in mitigating personal responsibility. A brief outline should serve to delineate the reasoning behind such a stance, and keep the participants from straying into anything approaching virtue.

On its most basic level, the lust for abstinence allow the dehumanization of all the participants. Whenever a particular behavior is deemed more valuable than those who would engage in its practice, it reinforces the belief that things are to be prized above people. The means becomes an end unto itself, rather than a tool for individual improvement, and open those who fail to conform to degradation. A lapse in chastity becomes a lapse in humanity; inviting a painful condemnation from anyone willing to compromise their own human charity for the opportunity of denunciation.

The joys of slut shaming pander to the degenerate instincts under the guise of righteousness; lynch mob mentality wrapped in purity.

Next, framing the issue in negative terms helps deflect any honorable intentions that might otherwise pose significant problems. Teaching charity between sexes; the affirmation of giving; the positive esteem enhancement; all these potentially hazardous behaviors are avoided by focusing on abstinence. Thus, it's the denial that rises to the fore; the want of action that occupies their attention, The question becomes not "what may I offer to assist my kin in improvement" but instead "what denial is in their best interest". Withholding rather than giving keeps the focus on the struggle for power; the obsession for control that overrides all other concerns.

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