Saturday, March 17, 2007

Group Q Bench

I mean I'm sittin here on the Group Q bench
'cause you want to know if I'm moral enough join the army, burn women, kids, houses and villages after giving a blowjob?.

WASHINGTON - The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said Monday he considers homosexuality to be immoral and the military should not condone it by allowing gay personnel to serve openly, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Marine Gen. Peter Pace likened homosexuality to adultery, which he said was also immoral, the newspaper reported on its Web site. -

Delicious. Here is a man whose chosen profession comprises of death and destruction, yet he feels compelled to denounce, in a public forum no less, those who choice of sexual partners does not coincide with his own. Somehow, the act of homicide has become so virtuous that it may be defamed by orgasmic ecstasy outside the heroic hetro norm. Further, those who have sworn to defend this country with their lives serve with the distinction of being good enough to die for this land, but not good enough to live honorably in it.

The ignorant hatred that would condemn one's subordinates to censure and denunciation while they offer their very lives in service speaks to the moral defects inherent in such a system. The contempt for human life inherent in the military mindset even extents to its own personal; freedom's fodder becomes expendable and is discarded irrespective of their contributions. Whenever the powers that be decree, service becomes expendable, and the service men and women with it.

In the same vein, the veteran's needs are ignored; purpose served, they are deemed unworthy for adequate medical care. The disregard for life and limb on the battlefield extends to the hospital ward; crippling injuries are treated as if they were examples of moral deficiencies, and thus those maimed may be neglected and shunned.

The embrace of contempt displays a bankrupt conscience; the coin of compassion has been squandered, and with it, all hope of honor is spent.

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